Councilman Manny Cid's Successfully Sponsored Initiatives


Performance Based Budgeting

You entrust the Town with your tax dollars, and the town Must spend it Wisely. Manny transformed the Town’s budgeting process to include performance measures which analyzed funding for individual programs with the expected program results.


Live webcasting of Town Council meetings

Manny is the Brain-Child of the Live Webcasting of Town Council Meetings. Residents can watch Town Council and Planning & Zoning meetings live from the comfort of their homes. You can also watch previously recorded meetings. Manny Cid sponsored this historical initiative to bring transparency and accessibility to all residents of Miami Lakes.


Tequesta Indian Artifacts display (Madden’s Hammock)

Manny traveled to the University of Florida’s Museum of Natural History and brought back Tequesta and Seminole artifacts, some over 4,000 years old, found in Madden’s Hammock (corner of 87th & 154) in the 50’s. These Historical Pieces found in our town are now on display in Town Hall and available for residents to read about and enjoy.


E-Library Pilot Program

The Program introduced by Vice Mayor Manny Cid, encourages reading through the use of technology and provides an opportunity for Miami Lakes residents to borrow an e-reader for free for a 3 week period of time and download free e-books from MDPLS remotely.


Elimination of Alarm Registration Fees

Manny’s initiative passed unanimously and eliminated yearly registration fees. Residents now don’t have to pay punitive fees to register on a yearly basis.


Miami Lakes Sports Hall of Fame

Funded by private donations, the Sports Hall of Fame Will be viewable at the new Optimist Park Club house.The Hall of Fame will commemorate professional sports figures that have lived, or live in the Miami Lakes.


Pre-recorded Video Public Comments

Residents are now able to submit their public comments remotely during municipal meetings. Gradually the plan is to allow live remote public comments. This Initiative Sponsored by Manny makes Miami Lakes the 1st City in Florida to accept & allow video public comments.


Online Lost and Found Pets Portal

Dozens of residents have used this portal to be reunited with their lost pets. As a dog owner, I know how special our family pets are. The Pet Portal can make reuniting you and your pet faster and easier. 


Complete Streets Integration into the Miami Lakes Strategic Plan

This initiative has changed the way our public works department plans future roadway improvements by revolving around pedestrians and bicyclist.

Manny Cid Successfully Advocated for:

  • Reserve Officer Program
  • Town of Miami Lakes School Crossing Guard Initiative
  • Royal Oaks Park Playground Shade Canopy – transformed the playground at Royal Oaks Park. Now more and more families are able to enjoy the parks amenities.
  • Sunday On-Demand Bus Service – The program was added at no extra cost to taxpayers due to restructuring of the current contracts.
  • Work with County Commissioner Steve Bovo to secure funding for Miami Lakes Senior Programs.
  • Worked to find funding for the Economic Development Committee first trade show at the International Conference of Shopping Centers (ICSC)
  • Restarting the 15 year Black Olive Tree Removal Program
  • Future Boat/RV storage yard
Manny Cid being sworn in by his wife Melissa in 2012