Councilman Cid Successfully Sponsored Many Initiatives in our Town such as the Live webcasting of Town Council meetings. Bringing Transparency and Accessibility to all residents. Learn More!

Home Rule Hero

Councilman Cid is the First councilman in our Town to have been the Recipient of the Florida League of Cities Home Rule Hero Award in 2015 and again in 2016


Councilman Cid is a leader of Good Government and his experience speaks volumes which is evident by the numerous State and National committees he has been appointed to.

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Dear Neighbors,

After much prayer, serious thought and deliberation with family & friends about the future of our beautiful town. I have decided to announce my candidacy for Mayor of the Town of Miami Lakes. Many of you know that I moved to Miami Lakes at the age of eight. I will never forget visiting dozens of homes throughout the Town with my parents during their search for our dream home. The sense of community and charming, old town feel so unique to Miami Lakes made this the obvious choice for them to raise a family. My cherished memories as a child growing up in Miami Lakes, and now as a homeowner, business owner, husband, and parent of two children being raised here have made preserving our Town very much a personal priority. Those experiences and the hundreds of similar stories in our Town is what compelled me to run to ensure that we maintain those very same dreams and desires. I don’t fail to realize that this election is bigger than me and that’s because we need to establish that the next generation of Miami Lakers inherit a better community. A community that respects all residents and their personal viewpoints; and where a fair and efficient government trumps power and money. Lastly, I ask for your prayers. The next 10 months will not be easy. I have chosen this path because I am optimistic that we can continue to find ways to make Miami Lakes a great place to live and raise a family. Thank you again for your support.
Manny Cid

Councilman Manny Cid is a 24 year resident of Miami Lakes and is the Only Candidate raised in our Town since he was 8 years old.